Monday, 13 February 2012

Tomica - BMW 320i (E21)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tomica - Nissan Fuga

Very seldom a sedan Tomica has openable trunk. So this is indeed a very special car.

Tomica - Nissan Cedric Japanese Taxi

Ten years ago, I attempted to convert this taxi into a normal version like this particular Cedric. Unfortunately, I lacked the required skills and knowledge in toy car restoration and modification. The taxi was in terrible condition. I could not patch up the two holes after removing the taxi top light box. Also, I did not know how to remove the paint effectively; instead I tried to apply many layers of paint to cover up the taxi design. It failed terribly as the entire car looked like a piece of detail-less crap.

Only recently I found this unit for sale on eBay. Very lucky indeed.

Tomica - Mini Cooper (Regular)

This is also a very nice classic Mini Cooper. My personal favorite, apart from the Union Jack edition.

Tomica - Nissan Stagea (1st Gen)

Tomica - Mitsubishi Pajero (4th Gen)

This is the first five-door Pajero in the entire generation range. Nice color.